Our mission is to show clients business value in choosing the right path for technology solutions.

When technology issues become business issues C-Level resources need to act quickly. Money can’t be spent on defining the wrong solution nor can time be lost repairing insignificant problems. Some issues arise quickly like excessive system errors and high costs of repair, while others develop over time like ERP management issues and overlapping technology operations.

Regardless of the reasons, technology needs to show business value as it enhances innovation.

When evaluating technology it is critical to look at all the components that affect business. Technology encompasses people, processes and data along with system applications. A solution must include evaluation of all components to ensure success. While identifying priorities, careful insight must be taken when determining the value of opportunities that exist within the current infrastructure.

A value driven roadmap clearly identifies the path for innovating business.

The Xceleon methodology incorporates specific information that spans an organization’s infrastructure including Technology, People, Process and Data. Our application management experts use a proven approach to gather the appropriate information across the entire application lifecycle. Our automated Value Realization Ecosystem (VRE) expedites value driven results seamlessly by calculating value opportunities, scoring Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process operations and creating comprehensive mitigating plans.

Services include but not limited to:

Xceleon provides existing and future clients with the ability to identify and quantify business operational deficiencies by performing an in depth value assessment leveraging Xceleon’s Value Realization Ecosystem (VRE) as well as partner software tools. Business and IT deficiencies are discovered when evaluating people, process, data, and technology alignment configurations. We have helped our client base realize over $1 billion in total cost savings in 2016.

Products and Services

The Xceleon VRE captures information across the entire application lifecycle and generates the Value Driven Roadmap that builds a comprehensive plan across multiple Application Life Cycle Areas (ALM) areas:

Business/IT Alignment… Business Process Operations… Change Management… Code Management… Contract & License Management… Cloud Readiness… Data Volume Management… End User Adoption… Enterprise Application Coverage… Data Accessibility… Incident Management… Information Management… Job Scheduling… Quality Management… Root Cause Analysis… Solution Documentation… Solution Implementation Management… Technical Monitoring & Operations… Template Monitoring… Test Management… Upgrade Management… Security…

Value Realization Ecosystem (VRE) Pre-Assessment

The Xceleon Pre Assessment is a quick way to determine the ALM areas that have the most to gain from making changes. Clients are asked a series of questions that involve their status on areas surrounding People, Process, Data and Technology. A score is produced that grades each area as it relates to minimally six core ALM categories.

Industry standards are used to present financial impact as clients can see what results can pessimistically and optimistically look like. This service requires minimal consulting resources and results are turned around quickly.

Value Realization Ecosystem (VRE) Full-Assessment

The Xceleon Value Driven Roadmap presents detailed results for total ALM expenditures as well as a clear value assessment that fosters business growth. Current application costs and savings are clearly presented along with Return on Investment dollars and time estimates. Deliverables include:

  • One time & annual cost savings help prioritize decisions that drive business solutions.
  • A clear mitigation strategy improves overall system operations and business performance.
  • Defined management tasks improve Earned Value Management requirements.
  • Current grading for a Center of Excellence focuses on business & technology alignment.

The Xceleon Full assessment is a comprehensive look into an organizations infrastructure. Detailed questions are asked for all ALM categories and company specific results are presented in line with People, Process, Data and Technology. A consulting team works with the client to gather all required business and IT information. Industry standard data is only used when the client cannot answer specific question details. Technology integration points are also established so that accurate information that is readily available can be obtained.

Value Quick Start Program

The Value Quick Start program is your starting point to your ERP Value Realization process. Xceleon has assisted various firms across multiple industries to realize more than $50 million in annual cost savings deploying the Value Quick Start Program. The package deliverables include:

  • Building a Comprehensive Business Blueprint Structure
    Building the ERP Business Blueprint Structure that includes: (Scenarios, Process, Process Steps) with System executables, Interfaces, TCODEs, BADIs, Methods, Classes, IMG Objects, etc.
  • Code Management Plan Construction
    Collection of all standard and custom code that exist in the production environment. It entails a summary of the code quality and the soft alignment of existing code to existing business processes and plan for what's left to configure. Lastly the deliverable includes a strategy used to develop and manage custom code libraries and its quality moving forward.
  • Test Impact Analysis & Management Plans
    Evaluate any existing transports, executables, and/or functionalities that must be deployed and construct a risk based testing plan to execute before system go-live. In addition, the plan covers the identification and alignment of all test cases that reside in Solution Manager, HP ALM, or appropriate test case environments with a feasible test execution plan.
  • Security Role Management Plan
    Perform a thorough security role analysis and develop a security role enhancement strategy to ensure that the roles configured and deployed align with the needs and security governance of the organization.
  • License Evaluation & Re-Packaging Plan
    Gather data from the ERP License contract, system usage, and short/long-term growth strategy and then perform an evaluation and provide a re-packaging value driven plan.
  • Value Driven ALM Enhancement Roadmap
    Evaluate all ALM categories leveraging extracted data from the VRE and all applicable ALM tools. When then produce a comprehensive business case that outlines the organizations ALM Score, ALM Spend, ALM Value opportunities, and Value Driven project plan used to guide our customers in their efforts to realize quickly the value that exist in their infrastructure.

Application Life Cycle Deployment Services

Implementation services are used for clients looking to design, build or upgrade a technology solution focused on improving their ALM experience.

This service includes both technology hardware and software solutions with the flexibility for implementation into a specific client environment. Projects can be supported solely by Xceleon consultants or side-by-side with client staff. Training is always provided to ensure proper turnover and client self-sufficiency. Consulting support is available and can range based on client requirements.

Model Based Software Development

Business Model Based Development ensures the alignment of business processes and application coverage.

Having one central place to manage all components of running a business reduces business slow down risks that prohibit innovation. When using proper software tools to align business operations and IT development, teams work smarter and productively to accomplish development tasks. Xceleon has partner relationships that by working together are able to bring products to market in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional development efforts.


Xceleon. LLC is a Certified Service Disabled Veteran-Owned global technology-consulting firm that provides application lifecycle management services for enterprise level firms and government entities across the globe. The Xceleon principles are accomplished business and technology professionals who understand the importance of making the right decisions that promote business value. We are dedicated to helping clients improve system operations that enable business innovation.

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